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Altai A8n – Super WiFi Base Station for Macro Coverage

Altai A8n

Altai’s Super WiFi A8n base station is an advanced 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi solution. With its 8×8 MIMO and Altai’s smart antenna technology, it is designed for broadest coverage range and best non-line–of-sight (NLOS) performance.

Operating concurrently in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, the Super WiFi A8n base station can provide access connectivity in both bands as well as long-range (up to 30 kilometer) backhauling in the 5GHz band.

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Altai A8 – Super WiFi Base Station

Altai A8

The Altai A8 Super WiFi Base Station is the world’s leading WiFi outdoor access point optimized for maximum coverage from a minimum number of installation sites. The Altai A8 has been designed to provide industry best coverage and capacity without complicated networking protocols or the need for a high density of transmitters.

The A8 is a multi-radio base station utilizing smart antenna technologies and a patented signal processing algorithm to provide the industry’s best coverage per base station, especially in non-line-of sight (NLOS) environments. The multiple antennas of the A8 can be configured to provide coverage that is optimized for area, pattern and elevation.

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Altai A2 – WiFi Access Point for Micro Coverage & Wireless Backhaul

Altai A2

The Altai A2 is a powerful access point/bridge solution with an integrated 5GHz backhaul radio and antenna, designed for micro WiFi coverage and high throughput PTP/PTMP bridging.

The A2 includes a 2.4GHz 801.11 b/g/n radio with a set of 2 antenna ports, and a 5GHz 802.11a/n radio with an integrated dual-slant high-gain antenna, making it a simple-to-deploy solution for remote micro coverage with integrated backhaul.

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Altai Wireless Management System (AWMS)


Deploying a citywide WiFi network requires an advanced management and monitoring system, to maintain a consistently high-performing network service. Altai’s Wireless Management System (AWMS) provides a powerful tool for managing a large wireless network, with network wide/group batch parameter updates. Just as importantly, AWMS collects and presents network status parameters, including errors, alarms and performance information from each network element, graphically presenting them on a map (e.g. per base station location) or in drill down-able tables.

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