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Port Terminal


Container Port is one of the vertical markets that have been employing wireless technology long time ago in their daily logistic operation, due to their mobility requirement in dispatching. The original application of wireless is for data control purpose. With the use of mobile data terminals, truck and quay crane drivers will receive step-by-step instructions of where to pick up and unload the containers from the logistic control server and they will transmit data of when, where and the quantity of containers back to it upon completion of work. The orders will be sent in a just-in-time manner, one after the completion of the other.

With the 802.11 WiFi standards become more popular and the features become richer, we can see that WiFi is no longer just for data control application, but can be extended to more real time applications including VoIP, multi-media, surveillance and unified messaging in this market. Existing WiFi network administrators are trying to renovate their infrastructure while new administrators will include WiFi as a standard requirement in their network design.

The requirements from the container terminal operators have become more demanding. In the course of product selection, they found that most of the traditional access point (AP) could not fully comply with their performance requirements in the field, due to the complexity and much interference in the signal environment at the berths and the constraints in site facilities. The problems had lasted until they met Altai, a leading supplier in cellular technology WiFi equipment with experience in container port application…

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