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Altai Smart Antenna

Super WiFi Altai – Smart Antenna

While WiFi is part of almost any computer we use, be it a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone, WiFi access technology was designed and optimized for very limited coverage areas, like inside the home or office.

The use of WiFi in outdoor environments with larger coverage areas like university campuses, hotels, parks, or even more challenging environments like container ports, reveals the WiFi technology’s limitations:

  • Limited range of coverage per access point
  • Inconsistent user experience, with frequent disconnections and non-uniform coverage
  • Inefficient in situations of many concurrent connections by a large number of users

The result: Many believe that WiFi is not a feasible solution for large outdoor-area coverage.


8X8 MIMO Technology

Altai’s technology was designed to overcome these inherent limitations of WiFi, and give it the ability to cover large outdoor and indoor spaces with high capacity and reliable connectivity. Altai’s unique Super WiFi technologies are now widely deployed and deliver unparalleled performance:

  • Best Coverage: Altai smart antenna technology gives standard WiFi clients much longer ranges, more uniform area coverage, and the best indoor penetration
  • Best Capacity: Altai’s 8×8 MIMO technology provides 5 times the median throughput than the standard 3×3 MIMO in complicated NLOS environments
  • Highest Efficiency: Altai AirFi improves WiFi cell efficiency with smart WiFi-based throughput optimization by a factor of 2, even with a large number of concurrent connections